Joining efforts on Public Health

March 18, 2010

Last week Bernard Merkel (Minister Counselor and Head of Food Safety, Health and Consumer Affairs at the EU Delegation in Washington) and myself were in a 2 days meeting with faculty members and students from Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH).

The objective of the meeting was to find common grounds for EU-HSPH cooperation on issues such as research, distance learning and exchange of faculty and students between HSPH and European Universities,

For the EU Bernard and myself explained the rules for cooperation on research and exchange and we gave a presentation  – for faculty and students – on European Health Issues for the 21th century.

We had an interesting discussion with HSPH Dean Dr Julio Frenk and spoke directly with a number of HSPH faculty, who presented their research projects, going from environmental health to metabolic disorders, healthy eating and translating knowledge into good communication. Together we discussed the basis for possible cooperation.

Bernard and myself are very grateful to Monique Bertic, Associate Director for International Advancement of the HSPH Office for External Relations, who has perfectly organised these highly efficient and informative two days.


One Response to “Joining efforts on Public Health”

  1. Ben VH Says:

    Well done Marleen!

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